29 sept. 2015

Bicycle culture in London part 5: the cycle superhighways !

Transport for London has launched in 2010 a project called cycle superhighways. These cycle routes are running from outer London into and across central London. Their goal is to give cyclists safer, faster and more direct journeys, improve cycling conditions for people who already commute by bike, and to encourage new cyclists. They are a tool to increase cycling in London by 400% by 2025.

Four of the twelve cycle superhighways planned are opened. I rode the number two and some parts of the number three (from Barking to Tower Hill) and seven (From Merton to the City). I was very surprised by the name of cycle superhighways because cycle superhighway 2 and 7 are just a lick of blue paint on the road with specific traffic signs without anything else for the safety of the cyclists. Cars, buses, trucks and taxis are also driving on the cycle superhighway !


Evening rush hour on the CS7:

Things are going better on the part of the CS3 I rode from Tower Hill to Canary Wharf. It is a mix of narrow but segregated cycle lanes and shared roads without a heavy flow of vehicules. The two new kilometers of the CS2 from Bow to Stratford opened in November 2013 propose a good and safer cycling infrastructure segregated of the road traffic.

London have to replace blue paint with international standard cycle lanes and give space for cycling. This new kind of cycling infrastructure (in London...) has to be the model of London's next “real” cycle superhighways if it doesn’t want to be a new bad joke of Boris Johnson...

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