25 sept. 2014

Bicyle culture in Amsterdam, part 5 : cargo bikes !

With important brands like Bakfiets, Babboe, Fietsfabrik, or more recently Johnny Loco and Urban Arrow, cargo bike is a serious business in Holland and particulary in Amsterdam. The bakfiets and especially the long ones are the most popular and lots of families posses such a bike to get around with children.

I saw lot of different models, some of those I didn't know yet, especially two wheelers or king size cargo bikes.



Some schools or parents also have three wheelers to transport sometimes up to 6 children to the parks or to the playgrounds.

Cargo bikes use is so ordinary in Amsterdam that sometimes locals move thanks to them some surprising stuff like a boat engine....

This article closes the special series about cyclogistics in Amsterdam but I still have some good things to show you. What do you think about a cultural escapade for tomorrow?

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