28 sept. 2014

Bicyle culture in Amsterdam, part 8 : Amsterdam Cycle Chic !

Last but not least, let me introducemy prefered pictures of cyclists in Amsterdam. The kind of stuff you can discover daily on the Amsterdam Cycle Chic blog who's dealing with quality and quantity...

That's it for Amsterdam. I hope you have enjoy this week and discover or rediscover the city with my special focus on bike. A trip in Amsterdam is never over so i will probably talk about the dutch capital and its bikes a few months because as say the french rapper Oxmo Puccino in a song called Amsterdam featuring Olivia Ruiz:  "au retour d'Amsterdam on en parle jusqu'au prochain périple..."

27 sept. 2014

Bicyle culture in Amsterdam, part 7: street scenes

Here are some street scenes of Amsterdam with bikes making the urban landscape nicer or more colorfull....

Tomorrow we are going to close this special weed week about Amsterdam with some of the best shot a caught during my trip.

26 sept. 2014

Bicyle culture in Amsterdam, part 6: the Fietsmuseum.

Among all different types of museum in Amsterdam, (Rijk, Van Gogh, Heineken, Anne Franck, tulip, sex, hashish or torture...) I surprisingly visited the Fietsmuseum (Bike Museum). It would be quite usual for a city like Amsterdam to have a bike museum but as you know, nothing is normal in Amsterdam, this lovely and tiny museum stands in an old church !!!

It presents the history of bicycle in the Netherlands with pictures of past and present and thirty different models of bikes showing the evolution of the bicycle since it has been invented. 

If you are going to visit Amsterdam and if you're interested about bikes, you have to come pray in this holy museum and support it between two other classic museums of the city.

25 sept. 2014

Bicyle culture in Amsterdam, part 5 : cargo bikes !

With important brands like Bakfiets, Babboe, Fietsfabrik, or more recently Johnny Loco and Urban Arrow, cargo bike is a serious business in Holland and particulary in Amsterdam. The bakfiets and especially the long ones are the most popular and lots of families posses such a bike to get around with children.

I saw lot of different models, some of those I didn't know yet, especially two wheelers or king size cargo bikes.



Some schools or parents also have three wheelers to transport sometimes up to 6 children to the parks or to the playgrounds.

Cargo bikes use is so ordinary in Amsterdam that sometimes locals move thanks to them some surprising stuff like a boat engine....

This article closes the special series about cyclogistics in Amsterdam but I still have some good things to show you. What do you think about a cultural escapade for tomorrow?