10 nov. 2013

Potsdam cycle chic

I was in Potsdam, Germany, several days ago to participate at the kick off meeting of the "European biking cities". This project develops four goals (Clean buses, clean cars, news european laws and the development of the bike use).

For this last item 6 cities, Brighton-Hove (Great Britain), Bolzano (Italy), Mannheim (Germany), Potsdam (Germany), Strasbourg (France) and Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) have been chosen to form the European biking cities group and to work together until mid 2015 to improve air quality in this cities by developing bicycle use. You can find more information about the European biking cities project here.

It was the first time I was in this city of 150 000 inhabitants in 30 kilometer of Berlin. Last time I was in Berlin I didn't have time to visit this city which’s presented as the german Versailles. Unfortunately I didn't have time to visit the Sans-Soucis's park and castle. It was two days of very active and interesting working with my news colleagues of the European biking cities. I just have time to take pictures of some potsdamer's cyclists the last afternoon during the bike city tour organized to show us how the city promotes everyday cycling. You can find more information (in german) about bicycle in Potsdam here.

I was very impressed by the number of cyclists in Potsdam. The city has a cycling modal split of 20% in 2009 (vs. an average of 13% for Berlin and 10 % for the Germany). Potsdam wants to become the German city where cyclists are the most important. Reporting to the style and number of the locals cyclists, I think Potsdam is on the good (cycle) path...

That’s it for Potsdam but not with Germany because I spent one more day in Berlin and have lot of new things to tell you about bicycle in the german capital.

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