18 nov. 2013

Hans, master of the cargo bikes of Berlin.

I'm sure you've discovered that the four cargo bikes of the last picture of the previous article were Hans's one.

I spent a day with Hans to following him during his deliveries by cargo bike. The first step of the day was too earlier for me. Hans had to bring some ecological clothes for children to the Boxi market of Friedrichshain at seven in the morning under a strong rain.

The rain stopped just before the second delivery of the morning. Hans had to go to a pastry of Kreuzberg to catch some good cakes and to bring them to several restaurants and bars of the neighbourhood. He made this delivery several time a week. For this he use it's special old dutch bakfiets because it's got suspensions so fragile cakes are not damaged by the vibrations of the old cobblestoned streets of Berlin. Hans bought this cargo in the Netherlands four years ago. It was built between 1925 and 1935 and it's still riding.

In the middle of the afternoon, Hans had to come back to the Boxi market. This delivery was very different of the cake's one because there was lots of clothes and because they are not fragile. Hans took his bigger cargo bike. It's from a berliner manufactory called "Pedalpower". It has 1,2 m³ capacity in a closed box and run so good that I got some difficulty on my bike to follow Hans on the berlin's cycle path.

Hans has lots of ideas to develop his society, 3 Rad Rent Berlin, and the cargo bikes in the german capital. He wants to propose new bikes rentals, to organise events to promote this special use of bicycle in the city and dream about opening his cargo bikes's shop in Berlin. I Bike Strasbourg hope to talk about this very interesting projects very soon.

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