11 sept. 2013

La culture vélo à Berlin, partie 3, Hans the cargo bikes lover.

During my trip in Berlin, i needed a cargo bike to wander my four years old daughter. I didn't want to discover Berlin with a baby chair and to struggle in crowded public transports. So i rented a cargo bike of the 3 RadRent Berlin society ruled by Hans Bichel.

It was an red and black colored Christiania bike first generation. It has got two gears (enough to bike in Berlin) and front brakes. Hans made himself a longer box. This Christianite is bigger than classics ones but still easy to drive. It was almost like we were in Strasbourg cruising on our Christiania.

My daughter felt so good and secure that she slept every afternoon at least one hour in the box while we were continuing our sightseeing. She even slept in the box when we got a flat tyre and when we were waiting for Hans at the other side of the city to come and pick up the Christiania bike to repair it. Two hours later we took back the Christianite at Hans's house. Thanks again for your help Hans !

Hans is going back home to repair the flat tyre of the Christiania bike. So easy with another cargo bike !
Hans is a cargo bike lover. He started collecting cargo bikes 5 years ago, especially these vintage, big, dutch bakfiets. Now he have about 20 cargo bikes. 2 years ago he started with commercial transport and delivery with his cargo bikes, and to rent them out for people who want to carry children, an ill dog to the doctor, go to the fleemarket, make house moving or transport a piano !

He was in Copenhagen in August 2012 to took part of the danish cargo bikes championship with the Christiania bike he rented me. He and his friend Arne finished second in the vintage and threewheeler class.

Back to the roots. Hans and his Christiania bike in front of the Christiania Smedie, the place where the History of the Christiania bikes started in 1984.

Hans racing on his Christiania bike during the danish cargo bikes championship. Go Hans !
In Berlin there is a huge scene of cargo bikes. Fans makes meetings and there Hans met a lot of friends. Have a look at the Hans's facebook page to see more pictures. In his cargo bikes passion, Hans found lots of essentials things in the life : fun, job, politics, passion, ecology, healthness and happiness. To Hans, cargos are the solution for mobility in city and he's totally right !

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