10 sept. 2013

La culture vélo à Berlin, partie 2, Berlin cargo bikes.

Berlin is a bike friendly city. The bicycle network is very important and alow bikes to go every where in the Berlin area. Even if Berlin is not (yet…?) Copenhagen or Amsterdam, cargo bikes aren’t rare and they are a good indicator of the bicycle culture in a city.

You can find differents kind of using cargo bikes in the german capital. The first one is a familial use to transport children, animals like dogs or goods you have bought.  

Some Berliner cyclists prefer transport their children in a bike trailer. It also allow to ride the week end or on holidays on long distances with children which is very common in Germany.

Cargo bikes are also used by messengers in order to deliver lots of stuff (like sausages for the sausages men of Alexander platz) in the whole city or for advertising.


I replace a car !

Now you know that cargo bikes are invading the streets of Berlin. Tomorrow you will discover the bright side of the Berlin cargo bike scene. Stay tuned !

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